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Default Air Force Logo Avoiding criminal investigation 101
The mission of Air Force Office of Special Investigation is to identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the Air Force, the Department of Defense and the U.S. government. AFOSI Detachment 410 takes great pride in conducting this mission at Laughlin. We investigate anyone who is a potential threat to Laughlin
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Default Air Force Logo Break out of your comfort zone
Objects at rest tend to remain at rest. This insightful and first law of motion penned by physicist Sir Isaac Newton can apply equally well to physical objects as it can to individuals and organizations. In the Air Force, our way of doing business is typically done by regulation or simply because "that's the way it's always been done." Our Air
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Default Air Force Logo National Donor Sabbath, Organ and Tissue Donation Observance Day Nov. 16
National Donor Sabbath is always observed two weekends before Thanksgiving weekend. It is the day designated to reflect on organ and tissue donation. November 16 marks this year's observance day. Observation of National Donor Sabbath is an opportunity for communities to touch the lives of millions of people. Right now there are approximately 95,000
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership development key ingredient for success tomorrow
In world rapidly becoming more virtual, human relation skills - particularly leadership, is on the decline. Successful organizations in business and government today have to think quicker and work smarter to be effective. A key ingredient for success tomorrow is development of leaders at all levels. John Maxwell's book Developing The Leaders Around
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Default Air Force Logo Longtime Laughlin shirt bids farewell
I would dare to guess that about 10 percent of us actually had Laughlin listed on our assignment preferences. It was number 32 out of 40 on my first sergeant assignment priority list. I worked in a spiral pattern outward starting from Southeast United States. I even had Kunsan and Osan at 1 and 2 in the hopes of getting a follow-on to the
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Default Air Force Logo Measure of Success
I recently had the privilege and honor of taking command of the 84th Flying Training Squadron, a T-6 squadron here at Laughlin. If you would have asked me at any time throughout my 18 plus years of service, "What makes a career successful?" I'm not sure how I would have answered. Probably with a reference to some level of rank or number of flight
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Default Air Force Logo A greater future begins with proper plans today
Wow, what an outstanding performance by our U.S. athletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games. It seemed like world records were being set by the dozens. What about the individual performances by Michael Phelps? That guy is unreal. He earned eight gold medals at these games to go along with the six gold and two bronze medals he won at the 2004
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Default Air Force Logo Develop tomorrow’s leaders today
"Show 'em the way." I recall many years ago; this was the motto of Air Training Command, the predecessor of today's Air Education and Training Command. The current AETC motto is "The First Command." We pride ourselves with this motto because all new Airmen, officer and enlisted, begins their Air Force career in AETC. Every year AETC is responsible
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Default Air Force Logo Laughlin Pride
Isn't Laughlin the best base you have ever been assigned? Answers I have received varied widely from a simple yes or no to everything in between. I've heard, "No, I like being close to the ocean." Others have said, "It's okay, but there's not much to do," even though available activities from A to Z exist without long lines, slow-moving traffic or
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Default Air Force Logo American Airmen Forge Ahead: Future Never Seemed Brighter
A few weeks ago, there were rumors making the rounds that there would be major changes in our Air Force senior leadership. Very soon after that, it was confirmed that the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force submitted their resignations. For some in our service, this announcement was a surprise. It may also have
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