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Airman’s Spotlight: Deborah Pagan

Deborah Pagan, 47th Flying Training Wing Comptroller Squadron financial budget analyst, is part of a team who assist units and members of Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas with financial business concerning government expenses. Pagan enjoys helping Airmen understand financial processes better so they are empowered to complete the mission and not worry about possibly committing fraud, waste or abuse. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Airman 1st Class Anne McCready)

LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Texas— Many shy away from handling financial issues due to complexity, and dealing with government finances can seem especially daunting.

The repercussions could be severe if there is suspected fraud waste and abuse in question. That is why it is important for Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, to have a team of analysts, who oversee government purchase cardholders, how vouchers are filed and many more financial doings.

Deborah Pagan, 47th Flying Training Wing Comptroller Squadron financial budget analyst, has worked five years in finance and 10 years as the 47th Operations Group resource advisor, helping Airmen sort through the financial fog of government expenses.  

One of the primary tasks Pagan works is with the government purchase cards. The GPC allows units or cardholders to purchase the supplies their squadron needs throughout the fiscal year. However, the use of the card must be closely followed to ensure nothing considered fraud, waste or abuse is charged to the GPC.

“If fraud, waste or abuse were to happen, the cardholder or the unit would have to pay it back and legal action might take place,” Pagan explained. “My job is to ensure this doesn’t happen.”

Another barrier Pagan breaks down is the widespread confusion the defense travel system causes. Pagan sheds light on the process for Airmen, helping them learn how to file travel vouchers, leaving them with vital DTS knowledge, which she says they share with their wingmen.

“It feels really good to help people with very confusing things like DTS,” Pagan said. “I help them create authorizations to file their vouchers so they can receive payment for temporary duties and medical appointments. This is key to enabling the orders that allow our troops to complete the mission.”

Pagan continues to reinforce her team by ensuring Laughlin’s financial ducks remain in a row as she and her team track the base’s spending, processing and travel. Always to be found in the finance building, she plays a key role in keeping the base manned and operational.