A Father's Day story

LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- June 14th 2003.

I was stationed at Barksdale AFB at the 2nd Bomb Wing Command Post, my wife and I had just purchased and closed on our first home in Bossier City, La. It was a very busy time, we closed on the residence, we were in the process of painting and moving, and Amy was nine months pregnant.

Throughout the day she worked on touching up the home as some friends and I unloaded box after box. That evening as darkness fell, we began to unwind, though we still had plenty of work left to go. Amy tells me she thinks her water broke but I somehow convinced both of us that this was not the case and was just a "false alarm" (what do I know?!).

A few hours later as the day turned to June 15, that "false alarm" had become very real. Suddenly at around two in the morning I sprung into action and began preparing to go to the hospital. As I prepared to leave, I remembered it might be a good idea to bring my wife along for the ride.

We rush down Interstate 20 and into the hospital. All is fine at the moment and we are told it will be hours before birth. I take a small nap and then return home to unload an 18 foot truck that is full of our belongings. Between excitement and adrenaline, I believe I set a record for unloading as I moved at a pace somewhere between cheetah and Superman.

I rush back to the hospital and the doctor arrives soon after I do. He informs us that our son is breached and now there is going to have to be an emergency c-section. Somehow, even more adrenaline pulsed and we went into surgery.

In what was minutes, yet seemed like hours, a small yell suddenly emerged as my son was brought into the world. Instantly I noticed my face was wet, tears streaming down as I tried to steady a camera to capture his first moments. I wasn't sad, I wasn't even aware I was crying, it just happened.

Suddenly my life had changed. On Father's Day 2003 my son, Ronald Lee Coleman III, was born. My jaw was sore for days, because I smiled from ear to ear for a solid 12 hours as I stood amongst friends and family as the proudest father on the planet.

That was not only the best Father's Day to date, but also the best Father's Day present I can imagine.