Diversity key component of mission success

LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- I believe the 47th Flying Training Wing Equal Opportunity mission statement says it best: "To improve the mission effectiveness of the 47th FTW by fostering a positive human relations climate based on the concept that everyone must be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or sex."

The key to Air Education and Training Command mission success is that all members recognize diversity as the main component to their everyday life.

But what does it mean to internalize the concept of diversity? According to Webster, diversity is defined as "composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities." This definition speaks to the very essence of diversity in the military.

The bottom line to all this is well stated by our former Air Force Chief of Staff, retired General John Jumper, who said "Our Air Force members' diversity of culture, life experiences, education, thought, creativity and background help us achieve the asymmetric advantage needed to successfully defend America's interests wherever threatened."

So the question remains: How can you embrace the diversity of the Laughlin and Del Rio community? The answer is simple: get involved.

Join one of our cultural observance committees (Hispanic Heritage, Black Heritage, and Asian Pacific American Heritage) or start your own. Get out and participate in the many cultural activities which take place downtown, and in our sister city Ciudad Acuna.

Whatever you do, enjoy the diversity all around you, and feel free to contact the Equal Opportunity office at 298-5400 for ideas or suggestions.