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  • Airman’s Spotlight: Ralph Merscham

    Every day, Laughlin maintainers work long hours with Team XL aircraft and pilots. For some, like Ralph Merscham, 47th Maintenance Directorate T-6 aircraft attendant, it becomes a way of life.
  • Laughlin safety, Union Pacific caution drivers crossing railroads

    Drivers who travel Liberty Drive may have noticed a car in the vehicle resale lot that looks like a crushed soda can. After a train hits a perfectly good car, it is little better than an old soda can. Union Pacific Railroad purchased the car, hit by a train near Fort Worth, Texas, and it serves as a visual reminder that trains are in fact bigger than cars.
  • Winter Driving in South Texas

    Experience with driving in extreme cold weather differs in the U.S. The Del Rio and Laughlin community must take precautions before hitting the road this season as extremely low temperatures can become quickly life-threatening. During the rest of the winter season, temperatures may fall below freezing and it’s important to keep an eye on how the weather fluctuates and how it impacts your daily commute according to Alejandro Aguilar, 47th Flying Training Wing safety office occupational safety and health specialist.
  • Wing safety, security forces reminds Laughlin of speeding issues

    On a bright and sunny day, with dry, level pavement and really good brakes, it would take more than 100 feet to bring a vehicle traveling 30 mph to a complete stop. However, the reaction time exponentially decreases the faster one drives. A mere five miles over the limit can cause a driver to take more than 150 feet to stop, meaning every second matters.
  • Five summer safety tips

    With the summer season in full swing and outdoor activities are in full motion, Laughlin and its Airmen must do their part to ensure community safety.
  • A turn for the worst

    2nd Lt. Casey Mets was going for a ride with a group of friends when the day took a bad turn.
  • Distracted driving kills

    In the attempt to combat the growing epidemic of distracted driving, the Air Education and Training Command safety office is encouraging all commanders to challenge their Airmen to go three weeks avoiding all distractions while driving.