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  • 8/5 day the start of a new tradition

    A new tradition has been introduced into the rich mythos of Laughlin Air Force Base. August 5th will now be known as 8/5 day to celebrate our very own 85th Flying Training Squadron (FTS) more commonly called “The Tigers”. This new tradition will live on in Laughlin for as long as the historic squadron claims it as home. “We are starting a tradition,” exclaimed Lt. Col. Brian Tripp, 85th FTS commander. “Every year has 8/5 and why not honor the Tigers that day, celebrate our heritage, really get some morale going, and just get a lot of flying in!” The competition will pit instructor pilot against instructor pilot as they fly in two events. The first being a low level flight based on how long it takes to reach the arrival time. The second event, an emergency procedure competition, focuses on the air speed and distance the pilot can land.
  • Flying through the viewfinder

    An Adrenaline infusing rush, like jumping head-first into icy cold water, that creates an overwhelming sense of nervousness in the pit of my stomach. This is what it felt like the first time I flew in a T-6 Texan II. I soon realized I might have one of the best jobs and office views in the Air Force.
  • Airman Spotlight: 2nd Lt. Justin Greene

    Pilot training can be a goal people dream of their entire life, and some never see it all the way through. It is understandable that the period of time between being selected for pilot training and actually starting the course could be a time of intense anticipation. 2nd Lt. Justin Greene is currently awaiting pilot training and said he can’t wait for what’s to come.
  • Airman's Spotlight: Airman 1st Class Marco Gomez

    There’s not many jobs on Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, or even in the military, that give its Airmen an opportunity to take a glimpse over the entire base’s operations.
  • XLer of the Week: Capt. Sebastian Constable

    Capt. Sebastian Constable, 434th Flying Training Squadron T-6 Texan II instructor pilot and category check ride pilot, was chosen by Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, leadership to be the “XLer,” for the week of Sept. 8.
  • SUPT Class 16-11 set to graduate

    Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 16-11 is set to graduate July 8.