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  • Happiness is on purpose, not an accident

    There are several elements to happiness but none more important, by far, than good relationships. In my career as a doctor when people are stripped of all they have and are, on their death beds, it’s all about relationships
  • Instant coffee -- a metaphor for life

    This month, I mark 20 years of service to our beautiful nation of paved roads, unbelievable grocery stores, large movie theaters, awe-inspiring state and national parks, and delicious restaurants and food trucks.
  • Autopilot off, journey on

    While preparing for our upcoming retirement, we’ve had the chance to look back through hundreds of old photos, each with its own memory, its own story. It made us realize how lucky our family has been. Throughout our Air Force journey, we’ve experienced opportunities and adventures that some people can only dream about.
  • Set the standard

    “What should be the vision for the squadron?” This was the question I asked myself while sitting down in a moment of reflection after assuming the command responsibility of the 434th Flying Training Squadron.
  • The invisible blue line

    It’s done, after two years of posturing, preparing and delaying, the Department of Defense has fully embraced a current version of Windows as its baseline workplace Operating System. From Dec 2017 to the last week of March 2018, cyber professionals on Laughlin Air Force Base, led by the Scorpions of the 47th Communications Squadron managed the upgrade and replacement of over 1,700 computers.
  • When did the Air Force join you?

    When did the Air Force join you? Col. Brian Hinsvark, 47th Mission Support Group commander, is Laughlin’s first contributor to the Commander’s Corner. The Commander’s Corner gives Team XL first-hand accounts of their perspectives, and lets the commanders share their experiences.