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Category: C3
  • Laughlin civilian wins DOE energy award

    The Air Force's Energy Action Month is drawing to a close, but Laughlin continues to lead the way in energy efficiency and water conservation with the recent announcement that a Laughlin civilian won the 2013 Department of Energy Individual Federal Energy and Water Management Award.David Morin, 47th Civil Engineer Squadron base energy manager, was
  • Laughlin wins AETC program for five consecutive quarters

    For the 5th consecutive quarter, Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, has won the Air Education and Training Command Energy Incentive Award Program for the third quarter of fiscal year 2013. The award's criteria considers energy and water reduction compared to the previous three years' average baseline."Winning this award again has really set the bar
  • Who will be AETC King of the Hill?

    A new game focused on the Air Education and Training Command's Cost Conscious Culture initiative is adding a fourth "C" to C3 - competition. King of the Hill, an online game in which AETC members can vote for their favorite AETC C3 ideas, will debut June 10 and run for 42 days. Each day two cost-saving ideas will compete against each other for
  • Providing a Cost Conscious Culture

    Team XL was once again recognized by Air Education and Training Command for reducing the use of energy and water on base for the fourth quarter of 2012.Laughlin was awarded its third consecutive Water and Energy Intensity Reduction award since the program began in 2009. "The award consists of a $250,000 cash reward," said David Morin, 47th Civil
  • AFSO 21: Innovations for T-38 Maintenance

    Using the Air Force's Smart Operations for the 21st Century Program, members from the 47th Maintenance Directorate and 47th Operations Group developed a plan to trim hours, required to maintain Laughlin's aging fleet of T-38 Talon aircraft.The eight-member team spent last week using AFSO 21's multi-step; continuous process improvement system to
  • Laughlin XLer - Laughlin's AFSO 21 event team

    Laughlin's Air Force Smart Operations 21st Century team comprised of members Philip Pulliam, Lt. Col. Stephen Frank, Carl Molly, Juan Cedillo, Helen McCracken, Michael Peabody and Lawrence Vaughn, were awarded this week's XLer for their week long review of current T-38 maintenance procedures using AFSO 21 to streamline the process Feb. 12. they