47th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs

Official Photos

Official portraits are for Laughlin AFB members only and by appointment only.

Members Authorized for Official Photography: Currently, we only schedule appointments official purposes, such as passports, award winners (not nominees) at the Wing level or higher, official command boards, and above or certain special duty packages that have published regulation documentation/requirements.

To schedule a studio appointment:
Click here to make an appointment

Walk-ins are not permitted.

The studio is located at the Public Affairs office in the Wing HQ, bldg 344, room 112. 

Contact us by phone at 830-298-5262

Marquee Requests

The Laughlin Air Force Base Public Affairs Office manages the electronic marquees located at the North Gate entrance.

Members must submit a marquee request form at least one week before the post date, but no more than four weeks before. To submit a marquee request please visit https://safpa.appianportals.com/request 

Messages are limited to welcome messages for distinguished visitors, announcing base-wide events, force protection condition and weather alerts.

The marquee will not be used to promote fundraising or to display items or services for sale.

The marquee will not display commercial advertisements, political messages or any non-mission essential messages.

Marquee messages that take up more than one frame will not be authorized. QR codes and website addresses cannot be posted for safety concerns.

Photo and Video Support

The Public Affairs Office provides a wide range of photographic services, studio, on-location and documentation and digital imaging. 
Turnaround times vary with production requirements, but most products are produced normally within three to five working days.

For event photography, award ceremonies and group photos, please visit https://safpa.appianportals.com/request. 

If a photographer is unavailable for your event a self-help camera is available for official use, on a first-come first -served basis.

Limited support is available for video documentary and productions supporting operational, investigative, historical, senior leadership communication, mission awareness and news release.

Video services can be requested at 

Aerial Requests

1. The flyover request and approval process is managed by accessing the Air Force Public Affairs Aerial Events Web site. Community members may submit requests, receive notification of approvals/denials, and track requests on this site. The site walks through the process step by step. Requests will not be considered if submitted fewer than 45 days prior to the event. Once a flyover request is approved by SAF/PA, it is the requester's responsibility to find a unit to support the event. The site features a "find an aircraft" link that lists flying units in the local area and/or surrounding states. If you have questions about this process, please contact USAFAerialEvents@mail.mil

2. Once you have obtained approval, you may request a T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, or T-38C Talon flyover or static display from the training squadrons. Please contact 47FTWPA.Tasker@us.af.mil . Requests must include: SAF/PA approval number, date/time, location, detailed support request, anticipated crowd size, contact information. A Public Affairs representative will contact you to confirm the request was received and in coordination.

3. Event approval by SAF/PA does not guarantee that support will be provided by the 47th FTW. Our operations and maintenance units will determine whether they can support the request based on availability, training schedules, etc. If the request is approved, a Public Affairs representative or member of the flying squadron will contact you to confirm, and the squadron will also contact the event coordinator to finalize the details.