8/5 day the start of a new tradition

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class David Phaff
  • 47th Flying Training Squadron public affairs

 A new tradition has been introduced into the rich mythos of Laughlin Air Force Base. August 5th will now be known as 8/5 day to celebrate our very own 85th Flying Training Squadron (FTS) more commonly called “The Tigers”. This new tradition will live on in Laughlin for as long as the historic squadron claims it as home.

“We are starting a tradition,” exclaimed Lt. Col. Brian Tripp, 85th FTS commander. “Every year has 8/5 and why not honor the Tigers  that day, celebrate our heritage, really get some morale going, and just get a lot of flying in!”

The competition will pit instructor pilot against instructor pilot as they fly in two events. The first being a low level flight based on how long it takes to reach the arrival time.  The second event, an emergency procedure competition, focuses on the air speed and distance the pilot can land.

“If you are the most junior instructor in your flight then you have to fly,” said Tripp. “If this is your first tiger shoot then you have to fly.”

This day is about the 85th FTS and the instructors in it who train the future of America's pilots. It's meant to boost each other's skills and engage  some friendly competition within the Tiger family . 

This is the start of a new tradition for the squadron, one that will go through the ever changing generations of pilots that leaves their stripes on its history.

“Any time you can get a bunch of pilots and a bunch of airplanes together and prove to one another who the best of the best is in the squadron, it's going to build morale and resiliency and just give us an opportunity to just celebrate the Tigers.”