Making cents of finances at Laughlin's Military and Family Readiness Center

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kailee Reynolds
  • 47th Flying Training Wing

As Airmen and their families face challenges unique to the military lifestyle, such as frequent relocations and deployments, it's important to have a financial plan in order to grow a successful future both in and outside of the military.

When Airmen are financially stable, they can focus on their duties without distractions or added stress. It enhances their overall well-being by reducing anxiety and fostering a more resilient mindset.

“Being financially stable and knowing where to seek help enhances mission readiness,” said Anthony Williams, 47th Force Support Squadron financial advisor. “It is wise to prepare yourself and your family for emergencies, as they can occur at any moment.”

Additionally, financially stable Airmen are less likely to encounter financial crises that might impact their security clearances, which are mission-essential for certain military roles.

Luckily, Airmen can benefit from financial counseling services offered through their installation’s financial readiness office. These services can assist in creating a budget, managing debt, and setting financial goals.

“Providing financial education here on base lays the foundation for understanding how and where to seek assistance,” said Williams. “Just knowing that we are here can help alleviate some stressors for members.”

Located within the Military and Family Readiness Center (MFRC), Laughlin has financial advisors available to help Airmen navigate their options.

“The MFRC provides information, education, and personal financial counseling to help Airmen and their family members,” said Seth Martini, 47th FSS financial advisor. “We provide financial readiness training at many touchpoints across a member’s career.”

These resources are designed to empower Airmen to make informed financial decisions throughout their careers and into retirement.

“The financial readiness training we offer includes First Term Airmen and Officer Courses, making rank, marriage, divorce, birth of a child, retirement, investing, deployment, and more,” said Martini.

By utilizing available resources and opportunities, Airmen can establish a strong financial foundation and secure a stable future for themselves and their families, ultimately ensuring their well-being, resiliency and mission readiness.

This service is open for anyone with base access. For more information, contact the Military and Family Readiness Center at 830-298-5620.