Civilian Development Nomination Window opens Jan. 10

  • Published
  • By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Civilian employees in the grades of GS-07 through GS-15 (and equivalents) may apply for more than 40 civilian development (CD) opportunities including professional military education, academic programs, fellowships, experiential assignments and leadership seminars starting Jan. 10.  

CD programs support the DAF’s “Civilians We Need” dual-track career model, which distinguishes paths for both enterprise leaders and functional experts. Developing civilians throughout their careers also strengthens the force we need to meet today’s high-end challenges.  

The CD programs include both short and long-term training and experiential assignments. Opportunities range from two days to three years in length; some are offered through virtual delivery platforms and others are delivered in person.  

“The civilian workforce is a critical element to ensuring we prevail in great power competition and win any future fight.  Our diverse and expansive civilian development portfolio offers growth opportunities for all civilians throughout their career journey,” said Director of Force Development Crystal Moore.  “Whether a civilian aspires to enterprise leadership or functional expertise; serves as supervisor or non-supervisor; is mobile or is not mobile, there is something to help grow their skills and competencies.” 

The development and leadership programs offered through CD are mapped to the Department of the Air Force’s foundational competencies, which are key to ensuring civilian Airmen and Guardians can operate successfully in a rapidly changing environment. These competencies span all occupations, functions, and organizational levels and support the development of current and future DAF leaders.  

DAF civilians may apply for up to four programs by submitting their applications, resumes, and additional program-required documents through MyVector. Applicants must self-nominate no later than Feb. 16, although local organizations may establish deadlines as early as Feb. 9. The application must flow through the chain of command and be endorsed in MyVector by March 8.  

Visit the myFSS Civilian Force Development home page to learn more about specific opportunities and to view the AY25 webcast recordings. For additional information and notifications, join the Official AY25 CD Nomination Call Teams channel, using code “dc4689p.”