WAPS testing going digital in February 2024

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Beginning with the CY24 E6 promotion cycle in February, the Weighted Airman Promotion System test will be administered electronically, supporting a long-awaited modernization need in the Air Force’s personnel development efforts.

The eWAPS platform is a collaborative effort between the Air Force, the Personnel Data Research Institute and PearsonVUE. Airmen participating in the 2024 technical sergeant and staff sergeant promotion cycles will be the first to use this system.

“This initiative, along with others such as the myFSS applications, is just one of many human resources transformation efforts,” said Lt. Gen. Caroline Miller, deputy chief of staff for Manpower, Personnel, and Services. “Transforming HR Information Technology is one of my five priorities and underpins the entire HR enterprise.”

Promotion-eligible Airmen can anticipate receiving invitational emails later this month, prompting them to visit the PearsonVUE website to establish an account by creating a username and password.

Test Control Officers or unit WAPS monitors will contact each eligible Airman to come into the base education and testing center to sign for their assigned official test date. During this time, they will review testing instructions and individual responsibilities, which include the requirement to have their username and password with them on test day.

Airmen will also receive instructions on how to create their PearsonVUE account if they did not receive the PearsonVUE email or did not create an account due to reasons such as not updating their email in vMPF or a deployment.

Airmen are required to arrive in uniform, punctually, and with their Common Access Card. Additionally, it is now imperative for them to remember their username and password.

Lack of preparation, to include not having or knowing their username and password, can result in being marked as a no-show for testing. Airmen can retrieve their username using their first and last name and their email account and will also be able to reset their password by responding to security questions they established during the account creation process. Airmen who cannot reset their password and access their PearsonVUE account will be marked as a no-show for testing.

“This is a transformative step that enhances the careers of our Airmen,” said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne Bass. “By aligning with industry standards, e-testing ensures a secure and innovative platform for a fair and equitable opportunity in promotion and career advancement. It also streamlines the process by allowing test responses to be submitted directly to the Air Force Personnel Center, eliminating the need for traditional mailing of answer sheets. This advancement not only instills total confidence in our Airmen but also provides unhindered access, empowering them to reach goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness. This is a much-needed change…and there are more to come!”

Airmen who are not co-located near a base testing center, such as Airmen assigned to a geographically separated unit, could test at one of many PearsonVUE centers, affording greater flexibility.

If eligible Airmen do not receive an e-mail or they can’t find it, they can go directly to the PearsonVUE website and create an account. Accounts can only be created through the PearsonVUE website after Jan. 30, 2024.