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Tag: Airman's Spotlight
  • Airman's Spotlight: Tech. Sgt. David Golab

    Tech. Sgt. David Golab, 47th Force Support Squadron manpower analyst, discusses his time overseas in this week’s Airman’s Spotlight, Aug. 22, 2019
  • Airman's Spotlight: Jonathan Diamond

    Jonathan Diamond, a 47th Force Support Squadron Losano Fitness Center aid, dicusses positive communication in this week's Airman's Spotlight, at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, August 15, 2019. Diamond believes positive attitude and communication can help make anyone's day. (U.S. Air Force Graphic by Senior Airman John A. Crawford)
  • Airman's Spotlight: Senior Airman Beau Cantrell

    Senior Airman Beau Cantrell, a 47th Communications Squadron cyber transport systems technician, appreciates the new perspectives that the military provides him, bringing together people from all over the United States and the world. Though not every idea is a great one, every bad idea can be a launch pad for a good discussion into a great idea. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Senior Airman John A. Crawford)
  • Airman's Spotlight: 2nd Lt. Hunter Phan

    Second Lt. Hunter Phan, 47th Comptroller Squadron financial operations flight commander, has wanted to serve in the military since he was little, with both his mother and father serving before him on the enlisted side. “Becoming a company-grade officer was a really big culture shock for me,” Phan said. “You’re young and have no experience, but you have to be willing to learn and help your people as much as you can.” For his fellow Airmen and young leaders, he urges to never shy away from advice. “You can’t be scared to ask questions or you will never learn your craft. You just need to roll with the punches and learn from your mistakes.” (U.S. Air Force graphic by Senior Airman Benjamin N. Valmoja)
  • Airman’s Spotlight: Thomas Busch

    The digital Christmas cards he scrolled through brought just as much pride as they did memories for Thomas Busch, 47th Logistics Flight contracting officer representative. The digital holiday cards used to be paper once upon a time, he recalled, but they still represent one of his favorite qualities of being a part of the fuels career field: camaraderie.
  • Airman Spotlight: 2nd Lt. Justin Greene

    Pilot training can be a goal people dream of their entire life, and some never see it all the way through. It is understandable that the period of time between being selected for pilot training and actually starting the course could be a time of intense anticipation. 2nd Lt. Justin Greene is currently awaiting pilot training and said he can’t wait for what’s to come.
  • Airman’s Spotlight: Tech. Sgt. Richard McDonald

    Have you ever wondered how many things could go wrong if a lab technician doesn’t perform well at their job? Tech. Sgt. Richard McDonald, 47th Medical Support Squadron laboratory technician, is passionate about his job and strives to know the ins and outs of his profession every day.
  • Airman’s Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Otis Williams III

    As part of Air Education and Training Command’s “Airmen” theme for July, Staff Sgt. Otis Williams III, 47th Flying Training Wing NCO in charge of religious affairs, shares his insight into what it’s like to be part of the Airman family. When asked about what being an Airman meant to him, Williams was quick to be appreciative of the path the Air Force has put him on.
  • Airman’s Spotlight: Alvaro Constancio

    Walking into a maintenance hangar enjoys an atmosphere different than anywhere else at Laughlin, and it’s one that some XL members don’t get a chance to experience. It is an atmosphere that embodies “work hard, play hard,” in its own way. Climate control is substituted with the coming and going of the seasons, however fist-bumps and friendly banter are year-round. Alvaro Constancio, 47th Maintenance Directorate T-6 Texan II maintainer, has been a part of that environment since 2001, as a product of the “Grow Your Own” program, and said he’s happy to be there.
  • Airman’s Spotlight: Col. Robert Pekarek

    Many would say that some of the greatest attributions to success come from training, foundation, professionalism and motivation. They’re cornerstones of success that Col. Robert Pekarek, 47th Operations Group commander here, believes help Air Education and Training Command day-in and day-out graduate nearly 38,000 Airmen, both enlisted and officers. The mission is to train all of the Air Force’s professional, confident, and mission-ready warriors.