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  • Media Release - Downed aircraft on Laughlin Air Force Base

    The members involved in the T-38 Talon incident from Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, on Nov. 13, 2018, have been identified.
  • Domestic violence: breaking the silence

    By the time someone brushes their teeth for two minutes, about 40 men and women would fall victim to domestic violence in the United States.
  • 47th MDG Airman creates library of miniatures

    Staff Sgt. Barbara Panama, 47th Medical Group uniform business office manager, inspects on of the clay miniatures on display in her office on Sept. 12, 2018 at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas. Panama has been crafting miniatures since she was 12, and says creating things helps her focus her energy and relieves stress. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman
  • SUPT Class 18-14 set to graduate

    All Laughlin members are invited to attend Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 18-14’s graduation ceremony at 10 a.m., Sept. 7, in Anderson Hall, here.
  • Southwinds Marina, wing safety share Lake Amistad safety tips

    For many stationed here at Laughlin, Lake Amistad is known as Del, Rio’s hidden gem, and is an easy choice for all sorts of outdoor activities like boating, kayaking and swimming. However, for as much fun and relaxation many of those activities can be, being safe and knowing the surroundings while on the lake will help ensure a day of relaxation doesn’t end prematurely, or with a visit to the clinic.
  • SUPT Class 18-11 set to graduate

    All Laughlin members are invited to attend Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 18-11’s graduation ceremony at 10 a.m. June 29 in Anderson Hall here.
  • Determined to make a better life

    Growing up in Gilroy, California, she had everything a girl could wish for: money, designer clothes and so much more. Shortly after high school graduation, her father took everything from her and kicked her to the streets.
  • Explore Texas: Laughlin's nature trails

    Laughlin’s unspoken gem, the on base nature trails, are green and full of flowers and wildlife, like an oasis in a land of heat and burrs. Truth be told, there are plenty of thorns and thistles near the nature trails; however, unlike the rest of the nearby wilderness there is a reliable path to follow and activities to enjoy. The nature trails, intended to provide wildlife a habitat, are located in Laughlin’s backyard and are managed by the 47th Civil Engineer Squadron and are and is open for public enjoyment.
  • Winter Driving in South Texas

    Experience with driving in extreme cold weather differs in the U.S. The Del Rio and Laughlin community must take precautions before hitting the road this season as extremely low temperatures can become quickly life-threatening. During the rest of the winter season, temperatures may fall below freezing and it’s important to keep an eye on how the weather fluctuates and how it impacts your daily commute according to Alejandro Aguilar, 47th Flying Training Wing safety office occupational safety and health specialist.
  • Laughlin announces UAS guidance

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems are being detected in and around Laughlin Air Force Base and leadership wants to ensure everyone receives the latest regulation for operating these devices. To ensure flying safety remains paramount in the airspace around Del Rio, Laughlin, and Laughlin Auxiliary Field, located near Spofford, Texas, Laughlin officials are asking all UAS, also called drones, operators to become knowledgeable and practice good general operating rules required to fly a UAS in the National Airspace System.