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  • Airman’s Spotlight: Master Sgt. Shennet Camacho

    Master Sgt. Shenett Camacho, 47th Flying Training Wing Command Post superintendent of command and control operations, found mentors throughout her career who helped guide her in work and in her personal life. After discovering the worth of her role in the mission as an airman 1st class, Camacho decided to make the U.S. Air Force a career, and she leaned on her role models for wisdom.
  • Soaring to the Summit on the wings of Eagles

    He was stationed at Laughlin in 2016, and by 2018, the renowned cheerleader helped make it possible for a local Del Rio, Texas, team to win a national cheerleading championship. For Maj. Owen-John Williams, 47th Medical Group Mental Health Flight commander and Amistad Eagles assistant cheerleading coach, cheerleading was a way of life since he was 15-years-old.
  • Cloud services on the way to Laughlin

    Technicians began migrating Laughlin email from the Air Force network to the secure commercial cloud July 31, 2018. The migration is taking place because of an Air Force Space Command directive to realign resources to more critical priorities and outsourcing services such as email.
  • Respect, Connect, Correct: A Simple Mantra for Squadron Strength

    In any high-performing organization, especially one dedicated to instruction or training, personal relationships and technical credibility form cornerstones to success. At every unit all-call, and upon meeting any new squadron member, I emphasize a three word mantra aimed to focus efforts on building credibility and strengthening relationships – Respect, Connect, Correct.
  • Airman’s Spotlight: 2nd Lt. Jessica Raab

    Second Lieutenant Jessica Raab, 47th Force Support Squadron, community services deputy flight commander, completed her career-long goal of becoming an officer. Raab’s father was a U.S. Air Force pilot during the Vietnam War, which influenced her throughout her childhood to follow in his footsteps to commission. Raab enlisted after high school for college opportunities with the goal of commissioning.
  • Airman’s Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Otis Williams III

    As part of Air Education and Training Command’s “Airmen” theme for July, Staff Sgt. Otis Williams III, 47th Flying Training Wing NCO in charge of religious affairs, shares his insight into what it’s like to be part of the Airman family. When asked about what being an Airman meant to him, Williams was quick to be appreciative of the path the Air Force has put him on.
  • Airman’s Spotlight: Col. Robert Pekarek

    Many would say that some of the greatest attributions to success come from training, foundation, professionalism and motivation. They’re cornerstones of success that Col. Robert Pekarek, 47th Operations Group commander here, believes help Air Education and Training Command day-in and day-out graduate nearly 38,000 Airmen, both enlisted and officers. The mission is to train all of the Air Force’s professional, confident, and mission-ready warriors.
  • Continuum of Learning comes to Laughlin

    Masoud Rasti, Air Education and Training Command business relationship manager, traveled to Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas to provide a deeper understanding of how senior U.S. Air Force leaders are searching for ways they can streamline the Continuum of Learning concept, May 4, 2018. According to Rasti, training is about how Airmen are developed, yet the bigger picture is about how training and education are integrated.
  • Airman's Spotlight: Col. Thatcher Cardon

    This week’s selection for the Airman’s Spotlight is Col. Thatcher Cardon, 47th Medical Group commander. Cardon discussed what he believes Air Education Training Command brings to the fight. (U.S. Air Force graphic/Airman 1st Class Benjamin N. Valmoja)
  • 19th Air Force Commander directs T-6 operational pause

    The 19th Air Force commander has issued an operational pause for all T-6 Texan II operations to ensure aircrew safety after a cluster of unexplained physiological events occurred at Columbus AFB, Mississippi, Vance AFB, Oklahoma, and Sheppard AFB, Texas within the last week.