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  • PII incidents on the rise

    Most experts would say giving free music sharing services credit card information might never be a good idea. What about giving up personal information for unit rosters? The line may become less clear when the request comes from a work-related source.
  • Wing safety, security forces reminds Laughlin of speeding issues

    On a bright and sunny day, with dry, level pavement and really good brakes, it would take more than 100 feet to bring a vehicle traveling 30 mph to a complete stop. However, the reaction time exponentially decreases the faster one drives. A mere five miles over the limit can cause a driver to take more than 150 feet to stop, meaning every second matters.
  • Some IDs may be invalid starting Aug. 15

    Individuals will no longer be able to access Air Force installations with a state-issued identification card or driver’s license from Minnesota, Missouri, Washington or American Samoa beginning Aug. 15.