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Tag: 2018
  • Laughlin observes veteran’s day

    November 11—millions across the United States honor the 1 percent who swore to defend the Constitution of the United States and the freedoms every citizen enjoys. That tradition is no exception for Laughlin Air Force, Base, Texas, and the local community of Del Rio, Texas, who got together to celebrate all who have served through the town’s tradition of a Veteran’s Day Parade. The parade contained many floats featuring not only representatives of Laughlin, but also various veterans’ organizations, vans and ROTC units.
  • Laughlin hosts the ‘Fiesta of Flight’

    The normally quiet Texas skies were filled with the low rumbles and sub-sonic booms of aircraft across many generations providing a spectacle for more than 22,000 local community members flocking to Laughlin’s open gates for the first time in nearly a decade.