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Category: Commentary
  • Commander’s Corner: Get out there and go get it!

    An obvious trait I see in successful people is their ability to recognize opportunity and act on it. Success usually doesn’t come by sitting back and waiting for it to come to you. Opportunity may present itself Being in a leadership position in the Air Force has allowed me to watch opportunity play out. Some people look at an opportunity and watch it fly right by and wonder later why nothing good ever happens to them. Other people pounce when opportunity shows itself. to you or you may have to seek it out, but once it comes, you have to have the fortitude to seize it and do something with it.
  • New year’s resolutions for 2018

    When Voltaire penned the words “every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do,” chances are he was not talking about New Year’s resolutions.
  • A farewell from your command chief

    Chief Master Sgt. Teresa Clapper leaves a message for Team XL.
  • Process Improvement: Stop marking your territory

    The key to improvement and change is focusing on things that allow people to meet customer requirements without holding onto—or introducing—non-value-added elements.