Winter safety tips

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman John A. Crawford
  • 47th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs

The holidays are a time for families to gather and prepare for the upcoming year. The holidays are also a time of fickle weather and unsafe travelling conditions. According to the 47th Flying Training Wing safety office the best way to avoid the wraths of Mother Nature is to prepare in advance.

Before driving:
Check your battery to make sure it has sufficient charge, check to make sure you have sufficient anti-freeze and no-freeze washer fluid, keep your windows and windshield wipers clean, and check your tire tread. A good rule-of-thumb for tire tread is to perform the “penny test.” To properly perform this test, place a penny upside-down in the tire tread and measure how far the tire overlaps the coin. If the tread is below the hair of Abraham Lincoln’s head, your tire is considered ‘unsafe’ for winter driving.

Have the following in your vehicle in case of emergency:
Flashlight, jumper cables, snow-brush or ice scraper, blankets, warning devices such as cones, reflectors or flares, a shovel, and abrasive materials like sand, cat litter, or floor mats.

Plan your route:
Allow plenty of time for your trip and check the weather forecast before driving. Be familiar with directions and let others know your route and arrival time to monitor your trip.


While celebrating the holidays, stay aware of risk factors and do your best to remove sources of danger. Here are a few examples of things you can do if you spot any during the holiday season:

-Some holiday lights are made for indoor use or outdoor use, but not both.

-Water live trees daily to prevent them from becoming flammable.

-Keep trees away from exits and heat sources.

-Do not run electrical cords under rugs or carpets, tape cords down to avoid tripping hazards.

-Do not use electrical lights on metal trees.


For more information, please contact the safety office at (830) 298-5382 or email