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  • Family advocacy – empowering Laughlin Airmen

    For many Airmen, the struggle of balancing long hours on duty while maintaining a healthy family or social life may prove challenging. Recognizing life situations in the professional and personal environments, the 47th Medical Operations Squadron has organized several classes under the family advocacy program.
  • 2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

    This report is a summary of the quality of water on Laughlin Air Force Base provides its customers.
  • Public Health Office tests Laughlin mosquitos for Zika

    From May to October, the Medical Operations Squadron Public Health Office will test Laughlin's mosquito population for Zika and other mosquito-transferred viruses.
  • Laughlin graduates first honor guard members

    Professionalism, tradition, conditioned; driven to excel no matter the type of ceremony, severity of the temperature, or size of the crowd. Those are just some of the characteristics that all honor guardsmen and women carry with them while performing their ceremonial duties.
  • Laughlin XLer: Staff Sgt. Shaun Jackson

    Jackson was chosen by wing leadership as this week’s XLer for his outstanding contributions to his unit and Laughlin
  • Local school district enlists Laughlin personnel as mentors

    Laughlin personnel seeking to demonstrate the definition of service while positively empowering the youth of our local community now possess an avenue to volunteer their time and experience.
  • SUPT Class 17-06 set to graduate

    All Laughlin members are invited to attend Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 17-06's graduation ceremony March 10, at 10 a.m. in Anderson Hall, here.
  • Laughlin takes part in the celebration of AETC’s 75 years

    Laughlin’s role in the Air Force and Air Education and Training Command has been one of adventure and rich history, going back to its establishment in March 3, 1943.
  • SUPT Class 17-04 set to graduate

    All Laughlin members are invited to attend Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 17-04's graduation ceremony Jan. 20, at 10 a.m. in Anderson Hall here.
  • Chasing the dream; Airman makes AF soccer team once again

    Senior Airman Jonathan Gwei, 47th Medical Support Squadron travel and referral technician had dreams of being the best and getting selected to play for some professional team. But fate had different plans for him.