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  • Laughlin grooms civilian leaders with ALS opportunity

    Airman Leadership School is a five-week course that teaches junior enlisted Airmen leadership, management, and duties of the Air Force’s non-commissioned officer tier. Earlier this year, the opportunity arose for civilians to take the course, the 47th Maintenance Directorate at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, wasted no time sending five civil service maintainers. Five maintainers were part of ALS class 19-F, and learned how to be a better leader and civil servant, but also how they fit into the total force concept.
  • XLer of the Week: Ken Simon

    Ken Simon, the 47th Maintenance Directorate chief contracting office representative, was chosen by wing leadership to be the “XLer of the week” of Aug. 29, 2019 at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas.
  • Airman's Spotlight: Rusty Thompson

    Rusty Thompson, 47th Maintenance Directorate T-38C Talon crew chief, knows what it means to serve, having been in the U.S. Army during the Gulf War and in Somalia, and coming from a family in the service. Now a crew chief for the 47th Maintenance Directorate, he passes on his excitement, expertise and experience to the next generation of multi-domain combat aviators training at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas.
  • XLer of the Week: Luis Hernandez Jr.

    Luis Hernandez Jr., 47th Maintenance Directorate T-6 Texan II aircraft maintenance worker, was chosen by wing leadership to be the “XLer” of the week, for the week of June 11, 2018, at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas. The “XLer” award, presented by Col. Charlie Velino, 47th Flying Training Wing commander, is given to those who consistently make outstanding contributions to their unit and the Laughlin mission.