XLer of the Week: Ken Simon

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman John A. Crawford
  • 47th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs

Ken Simon, the 47th Maintenance Directorate chief contracting office representative, was chosen by wing leadership to be the “XLer of the week” of Aug. 29, 2019 at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas.

Simon oversaw the contract transition to a two-year bridge contract of a J85 jet engine centralized repair facility and coordinated communication between the 47th Flying Training Wing, the 19th Air Force, Air Education and Training Command and Air Force Mobility Command to ensure an uninterrupted flow of overhauled jet engines to undergraduate pilot training bases.

“That is a contract from the 19th Air Force from Randolph Air Force Base where they do intermediate level repairs for J85 jet engines, which are installed in the T-38C Talon,” Simon said. “They serve Laughlin, Sheppard, Vance and Randolph. Under this contract they’re going to absorb some extra engines and crews.”

During this time as the acting chief of the COR shop, Simon also provided flawless leadership and supervised nine COR team members working on six maintenance contracts worth around $90 million.

“I wouldn’t be successful without the contracting office representative shop to step in and do these duties too.” Simon said.

Simon has earned this week’s “XLer of the Week” for overseeing the J85 engine repair facility contract on Laughlin’s end and fulfilling the role as shop chief.