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Default Air Force Logo When I grow up
Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up? I didn't always want to be in the Air Force, but it is interesting how things work out sometimes. My sons keep me entertained with periodic updates on what they want to be when they grow up...nothing earth-shattering in the early iterations...fireman, policeman, the "trash man." My
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Default Air Force Logo What does the Air Force mean to you?
This past summer, an F-15 pilot lost his life over the deserts of Nevada training to be the best fighter pilot he could be while providing simulated realistic combat training to Combat Air Force units as an Aggressor at RED FLAG. He left behind a wife and two young children, but for what? It is sometimes good to be reminded of what being in the Air
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Default Air Force Logo Make your own luck - ACT safely
Shortly after I arrived at my first duty station, the Chief of Safety gathered all the first assignment folks together at the base theater. I vaguely remember him going through the base's recent ground and flying mishaps and how important it was to do things in a safe manner. Then he said, "For all of you new guys, think of yourselves as holding
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General Stephen R. Lorenz is the Air Education and Training Command commander. Lorenz on Leadership: Creating candor
If you ever have the chance to observe a flight debrief after a training sortie, you should jump at the chance. You will witness something special. In the debrief, everyone makes constructive comments -- positive and negative -- regardless of their position or rank. If the flight lead did something that was incorrect or dangerous, the wingman is
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Default Air Force Logo Self-awareness
Although it is probably one of the least discussed leadership traits, self-awareness is possibly one of the most valuable. Self-awareness is being conscious of what you're good at while acknowledging what you still have yet to learn. This includes admitting when you don't have all the answers and owning up to mistakes. It is a very personal process
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Maj. Gen. Anthony Przybyslawski In the Line of Duty
It's a true honor to serve as the vice commander of this great command ... the First Command! I'm associated with world class professionals focused on our mission everywhere I go. But there is one drawback to the position: I chair the reviews for all the fatalities within AETC. Many of you have participated in the video teleconferences we've held
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Default Air Force Logo Taking the hard road not easy
Leadership for most of us means making things better and getting the job done. It's fair to say many leadership decisions are simple to say, but not always easy to do. Another way to say it, a real leader takes the hard road versus the easier route in meeting a goal. I believe we've all seen cases where taking the hard road made the difference
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Default Air Force Logo Financial Management Transformation: What it means to me at Laughlin
Reductions in manpower have affected many Air Force career fields. Financial Management  has been no exception. However, FM had already initiated transformation in the financial services arena which went a long way in meeting our required manpower reductions. This transformation would improve customer service, modernize financial services, and
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Default Air Force Logo Art of influencing others
At best, I am a middle-of-the-pack jogger. That is why I take particular delight in a specific section of Runners World magazine. Within the publication, there is a segment titled "The Human Race," which chronicles regular runners doing amazing things. This month I read about a gentleman named Paul Gionfriddo. At age 70, Paul decided to run a
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Default Air Force Logo Selfless Service
Have you ever sat down and really thought about why you joined the military? Perhaps it was to get education benefits or to see the world. Or maybe it was to please a family member or to get away from a situation. Many join the military to gain a skill or just obtain a steady job. Whenever I contemplate why I joined the Air Force, I think about a
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