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  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on the flight line

    Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latino Americans and their rich cultural contributions and achievements to many aspects of society, including the workforce here at the 47th Flying Training Wing. Hispanic Heritage Month was enacted into law on August 17, 1988, and is

  • Early detection and attention saves lives

    Mental health plays a large role in how Airmen think, feel, and act. Nurturing physical and mental well-being is important to maintaining readiness in a world marked by unforeseen challenges and ceaseless change. During Suicide Awareness Month, it is important to recognize the toll that mental

  • Asking for help is never B.A.A.D.D.

    The 47th Flying Training Wing’s Base Airmen Against Drunk Driving (B.A.A.D.D.) is a volunteer-based program designed to prevent base personnel from driving under the influence.

  • Keeping pests, wildlife at bay

    Living at Laughlin Air Force Base and in the town of Del Rio, 9.5 miles away from base, comes with sharing the diverse ecosystem of the local area with wildlife. Sharing space with wildlife can lead to pest infestations and dangerous animals encountering humans.

  • Are you prepared for the Texas heat?

    As the summer season peaks at Laughlin Air Force Base, it brings soaring temperatures and higher humidity levels, creating the perfect conditions for heat-related illnesses. 

  • In the air, on the ground: training in the chamber

    Being above 10,000 feet in altitude can have unpredictable effects on the human body; some people get delirious, others get nauseous, and some experience hot or cold flashes. Knowing how a pilot’s body will react to changes in altitude is a crucial part of pilot training.  

  • Laughlin airfield lighting modernization complete

    The 47th Civil Engineer Squadron held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the “Lighting Vault” project Aug. 18, 2023. The upgrades ensure the flightline is safe, well-lit, and effective for training the next generation of combat ready Airmen. 

  • Laughlin fosters partnerships with local law enforcement agencies

    Laughlin recently hosted a base tour with leaders from the U.S. Border Patrol, Del Rio Sector and the Val Verde County Sheriff's Department to enhance interagency cooperation and community engagement.At the heart of this joint venture is the shared goal of augmenting community partnerships to