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Default Air Force Logo A Father's Day story
June 14th 2003. I was stationed at Barksdale AFB at the 2nd Bomb Wing Command Post, my wife and I had just purchased and closed on our first home in Bossier City, La. It was a very busy time, we closed on the residence, we were in the process of painting and moving, and Amy was nine months pregnant. Throughout the day she worked on touching up the
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Default Air Force Logo The values of your ABCs
I'm sure everyone has examples of who they believe to be outstanding leaders. For me, it was simple, my grandfather Reverend Thomas Grant, Sr. He was a preacher at the church in our neighborhood and was affectionately known throughout the community as "Rev."If he were here today, he would not consider himself a leader and would only think of his
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Default Air Force Logo Every moment of each day is a moment in history
As a public affairs Airman, I have been privy to several events in my career that most will never have the opportunity to attend. Just as an aerospace physiology technician has the opportunity to fly on occasion and a boom operator has the perfect seat to see some airplanes most never will, my job has its perks. Typically, when attending these
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Default Air Force Logo It's not all about you
How many times have you been recognized with a medal or award? When you accepted your recognition, who did you thank? Did you thank your subordinates, superiors, family and friends for helping you succeed? Is there anyone you forgot to thank? We have ample opportunities in our military service to accomplish tremendous things and to be recognized
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Default Air Force Logo Armed Forces Day a time for recognition, thanksgiving
As we celebrate the 58th Armed Forces day May 16, one may ask why do we even have an Armed Forces day? Prior to the National Security Act of 1947, which consolidated all armed forces under the Department of Defense, we had the War Department (U.S. Army), the Navy Department (U.S. Navy and Marine Corps) and the U.S. Coast Guard, and while a
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Default Air Force Logo Transformation is in the eye of the beholder
The word transformation is definitely a buzzword, and we often get hung up trying to define what it is and what it is not. The Office of the Secretary of Defense pamphlet, Elements of Defense Transformation, defines transformation as "a process that shapes the changing, nature of military competition and cooperation through new combinations of
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Default Air Force Logo Diversity key component of mission success
I believe the 47th Flying Training Wing Equal Opportunity mission statement says it best: "To improve the mission effectiveness of the 47th FTW by fostering a positive human relations climate based on the concept that everyone must be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or sex." The
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Default Air Force Logo Your job, our mission
As members of the greatest Air Force the world has ever known, we strive every day to accomplish our mission to the best of our ability. To do this, we endeavor to be better than the day before. And as we accomplish our individual missions a phenomenal thing occurs: the missions of our squadrons, groups, and wing are all reached, all because each
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Default Air Force Logo Blocking websites protects Air Force, you
Many folks are feeling the pinch on blocked web sites. It becomes aggravating when your favorite web sites become blocked and even worse if it affects your mission. I like to compare it to a long day at work and an alarm gets triggered as I am leaving for the day. The gates are closed and I am stuck in this long line of traffic and getting nowhere.
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Default Air Force Logo Balance is a skill for all
At the risk of dating myself, I remember when I was younger watching the movie "The Karate Kid." I was very impressed with one of the main characters, Mr. Miagi. His character was an older, very wise Japanese man who unwittingly became the "kid's" adoptive Karate instructor and mentor. One quote I have always remembered from the movie was Mr. Miagi
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