Medical Records

When you are scheduled for a consult outside of the 47th Medical Group, your provider will select the relevant medical information from your medical record and our Medical Records staff will make a copy. In the case of urgent consults, a copy of the relevant medical information will be made immediately. 

Patients are authorized to receive one copy of their entire medical record at no charge. Requests may be made at the Medical Records Section and will be available within 30 duty days of receipt of the request. 

When out-processing, separating, or retiring, the active duty member must submit a copy of his or her orders to Medical Records. They will mail your records to the Medical Records Central Cell at Air Force Personnel Center. The military personnel flight will not be able to clear the member if they have failed to provide Medical Records with a copy of their orders. Medical records for personnel that are moving will be mailed no earlier than 10 duty days prior to the member's final out-processing date in case medical care is required during that time.

Members who are PCSing, retiring or separating and their family members may request a copy of their records up to 90 days but no later than 60 days prior to departure through Medical Records. Member will need to provide a copy of their orders if they are moving, retiring, or separating. Copies will not be released until within 10 days of moving, separation or retirement. Proper authorization to collect copies of the medical records of family members over the age of 18 years is required. 

Relocating retirees and their family members may also request copies of medical records. They will be available within 30 duty days of receipt of the request. The original records however must be maintained at the 47th Medical Group until a request is made from the gaining military treatment facility to forward the medical records. If the retiree and family members do not re-enroll at an MTF, the original records must remain at the 47th Medical Group until eligible for records retirement. Therefore, it is important that copies of medical records are obtained prior to departure.

(Current as of July 2019)