Current Situation

UPDATED 9/24/2020 @ 9:00 A.M.

Laughlin AFB is tracking 2157 confirmed (97 active) cases in the Val Verde County.


We are currently at Health Protection Condition (HPCON) BRAVO (B)

Please monitor our Facebook page for up-to-date information.


**For more information on how to make a DIY mask, click HERE**


Self-Quarantine Screening Questionnaire

Members of Laughlin are now able to follow this "7-Step" questionnaire to better assist them and their families with determining if further medical attention or action is required.

To view the questionnaire, click HERE

Travel Restrictions

Effective July 2, 2020

DoD Instructions

The Secretary of Defense recently signed a memo, moving to a conditions-based, phased approach to personnel movement and travel. Today’s installation status update provides the status of travel restrictions for DOD Installations, facilities, and locations with greater than 1,000 DOD personnel assigned.  Installations, facilities, and locations that have met the criteria set forth in the memo are indicated by “yes” in the Travel Restrictions Lifted column.

The criteria for lifting travel restrictions is as follows:

  • Step 1: Meet State/Country Opening Up America Gating Criteria (14 Day Declining Trend in Symptoms & Cases; No Stay At Home Order)
  • Step 2: Meet Installation Criteria (No Travel Restrictions, HPCON below Charlie, Essential Services Available, Quality Assurance in place for Movers)
  • Step 3: CMO, the Sec of a Mil Department, or a CCMDR approve lifting travel restrictions for an installation

Note: Step 1 and Step 2 criteria must be met before travel restrictions can be lifted for an installation by the Chief Management Officer, the Secretary of a Military Department, or a Combatant Commander. If installation conditions are subsequently not met, the approval authority decides if travel restrictions should be reinstated.

Unrestricted travel is allowed when a service member is moving from a “green” installation to another “green” installation.  If either the losing or gaining installation is “red” or “restricted,” the service member’s travel would require to be either under the exemptions or waivers outlined in the Secretary of Defense memo on the conditions-based, phased approach to personnel movement and travel dated May 22, 2020.

To view the guidance, click here

The installation status update can be found here

More information on the update to travel restrictions can be found here


All civilian employees and dependents are encouraged to follow this guidance.

Base Services

Current as of 1 Sept 2020:

Airman & Family Readiness Center: Mix of in-person and virtual services. Call ahead.

Auto Craft Center: Appointment only.

Bowling Center: Open M-F 6:30 am-5 pm Sat. 11 am-4 pm Limited seating. Free delivery 8 am-2 pm Bowling M-F 10 am-5 pm Sat. 11 am-4 pm

Child Development Center: Limited capacity. Call for more information.

Civilian Personnel: Appointment only.

Club XL: Limited capacity. Call to book event.

Education Center/Career Assistance Advisor: Appointment only. Virtual, phone, email counseling available.

The Fit Bar: Open M-F 6:30 am-2 pm for carryout only.

Fitness Center: Open M-F 5 am-8 pm, Sat-Sun 9 am-6 pm. Indoor pool open M-F 6 am-12 pm for lap swim only.

Frame Shop: Open

Golf Course: Open

Library: Open T, Th 10 am-2 pm. Call/email contactless pick up requests.

Lodging: Space A available.

Manpower: Appointment only.

Marketing/Print Shop: Open

Military Personnel: Appointment only.

Outdoor Rec: Open MWF 10 am-2 pm Grill/trailer/bike rentals only. FamCamp playground open.

Silver Wings: Open M-F 7 am-4 pm carryout and limited seating.

Southwinds Marina: M-Th 10 am-2 pm, F-Sun 9 am-7 pm. Aquatic rentals available.

Stripes: Open M-F 10 am-2 pm. Carryout, delivery and limited seating.

Youth Center: Limited capacity. Call for more information


Facility hours and services are subject to change. Call ahead for the most current information. Access facility phone numbers on the directory page of www.laughlinfss.com


TRICARE beneficiaries:

Nurse advice line:



Val Verde Regional Medical Center

Nurse advice line:




Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Val Verde Regional Medical Center



Texas Department of State Health Services




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