Dental Clinic



Location: Building 375, 590 Mitchell Blvd, Laughlin AFB TX

Phone: (830) 298-6531
The Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care for eligible active duty military personnel only. 

For appointments and information call the Dental Clinic at (830) 298-6531. For urgent dental care during duty hours, patients should call the clinic for triage and service. Emergent care (such as active bleeding and/or trauma) are accepted on a walk-in basis and do not need an appointment. If you need emergency dental care after hours go to the Emergency Room at Val Verde Hospital. For urgent care after hours, call the Command Post at 830-298-5167.

Non-Active Duty personnel have a number of options available through the TRICARE Dental Plan. For more information about TRICARE's dental programs, go to

Family members preparing to accompany their military sponsor to an overseas assignment must have current dental exam and clearance by military dental clinic prior to departure. Although family member dental care is available at overseas bases, it may be extremely limited at some locations. Family members requiring an overseas clearance can call the Dental Clinic at (830) 298-6531, to schedule an exam if this has not already been done by their civilian dentist.

Retirees and their family members are eligible for the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (RDP). Call the RDP Enrollment Services Department at 888-838-8737 or visit their website at for more information.

(Current as of July 2019)