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  • Pilot Edge program reinforces air traffic communication for new pilots

    It takes more than just an instructor pilot to train student pilots to become the U.S. Air Force’s best. Members of the new Undergraduate Pilot Training 2.5 program understand the importance of the countless individuals who work together to support their success, including the Airmen at Laughlin

  • Maintaining the last line of safety

    U.S. Air Force pilots put their lives on the line everyday as they take their seats in the cockpit of any aircraft. As with all missions, there is always potential for the unexpected. That’s why having that last lifeline: the ejection seat, is absolutely crucial.

  • Violence Prevention Summit gives new tools to Laughlin Airmen

    Laughlin recently hosted a Violence Prevention Summit to reinforce skills in identifying behavioral threat concerns and effective communication. Every profession requires the ability to not just talk with people but to understand them, their experiences, and backgrounds. The target audience was

  • Preparing to SOAR: An Airman's calling

    To Fly, Fight and Win may be the Air Force’s mission, but when the Airmen completing that mission achieve their own goals, the force grows stronger. The USAF provides numerous programs for career and professional development, personal and family support opportunities to make Airmen better.One of

  • BASH: keeping our pilots safe one "boom" at a time

    The Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) program at Laughlin works daily to keep wildlife off of the airfield. Its purpose is to prevent possible aircraft damage, accidents and wildlife casualties.“This airfield is arguably one of the busiest in the Air Force,” said Brandon Nooner, 47th

  • HPCON Update

    Laughlin Air Force Base has directed Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Bravo effective Feb. 16, 2022. The change is due to ongoing transmission rates of COVID-19.

  • Operation Cope Thaw: a pilot's chance to advance

    Airmen from Laughlin Air Force Base integrated with units from the 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma, to begin a short-notice deployment exercise dubbed Operation Cope Thaw, which kicked off Feb. 2.

  • Guidance to the Skies, Laughlin ATC receives AETC award

     A key piece to airpower are the pilots trained here every day, however, without the Airmen on the ground, these pilots would never reach the sky -- this is where Laughlin Air Force Base’s Air Traffic Control tower steps into the picture.

  • Community Wins $2.3M Grant for Laughlin

    The state of Texas awarded nearly $2.3 million in grants to Laughlin Air Force Base Tuesday morning to help improve the base infrastructure.The grants will fund $864,874 for renovations to the wing’s Aerospace Physiology building and $1.4 million to upgrade the T-1A flight line building. Both