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Fitness center open 24/7


It’s no joke, the Losano Fitness Center, on Laughlin Air Force Base, is now open its 24/7 as of April 1, 2017.

As part of an Air Force-wide quality of life initiative, the fitness center staff is now offering the new hours to all Laughlin personnel, including spouses and on-base contractors.

Thomas Kerr, Losano Fitness Center director, said with the new hours, people that work busy, odd hour schedules are now able to enjoy what the fitness center has to offer at any time.

“It’s a quality of life initiative that we hope makes things easier for people,” Kerr said.

People looking to get a few reps in after dark will have to sign up with the Losano Fitness Center before they get access.

“The whole process takes about five minutes,” Kerr said. “We go over the do’s and don’ts of the facility, register their I.D. card, and then sign a user agreement.”

While the pool, saunas and steam rooms will not be available outside of normal hours, the fitness center will keep everything else open for use; racquet ball courts, weight rooms and locker rooms included.

“I think it’s great that they’re doing this,” said Senior Airman Ray Greenleaf, 86th Flying Training Squadron aircraft resource management journeyman. “Especially when we have night week flying. Sometimes I don’t get off until 11 p.m., so now I can keep my same schedule.”

Kerr said he hopes people take advantage of the new hours of operation, and the fitness center is there for anyone who needs it.

“It’s a good change, and I think the people of Laughlin will benefit from it,” Kerr said. “Enjoy the facility and be fit!”

For more information on the Losano Fitness Center and how to get access to the gym 24/7, call 298-5326.