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Patient Portal making appointments easier


Children are in school, errands need running and work still needs tending to. Medical appointments can add to the stress of daily life – but they don’t have to.

Patient Portal Secure Messaging, formerly known as MiCare, can help alleviate the pressure an added doctor’s visit could put on a busy schedule by allowing the patient to contact their healthcare provider electronically and over the phone.

Jessica Magdaleno, 47th Medical Group outpatient records technician, stressed the benefits the system has for both the patient and clinic. Rather than booking an appointment and taking time to show up, patients can contact their primary care manager directly and securely through Patient Portal, she said.

“It saves time on both sides,” said Magdaleno. “It opens up more access to care in the clinic when more appointments are taken care of in Patient Portal.”

Patients interested in signing up can visit www.relayhealth.com and follow the registration steps. From there, patients may add medical facilities and care managers that apply to them, linking patient to clinic.

From a patient standpoint, Lt. Col. Matthew Stewart, 47th Flying Training Wing Staff Agencies director of staff, uses Patient Portal for a number of reasons, including to look up records, lab results and messaging healthcare providers.

“It saves a phone call, waiting on hold or actually going to the clinic to pick up records,” said Stewart. “Here at Laughlin, the doctors and medical support staff are easy to reach and very responsive. If things are easy to find and print yourself, it frees up the clinics time to see more patients.”

For more information about using secure messaging, visit www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/TOLPatientPortalSecureMessaging/.