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Continuum of Learning comes to Laughlin

Airman 1st Class Inigo Garcia Cacho, 47th Operation Support Squadron host aviation resource management assistant, studies Principles of Management, a college level examination program (CLEP) which is a resource to help Airmen obtain their Community College of the Air Force degree. ‘CLEPing’ is one of numerous options available to make learning a life-long journey. For more information on professional development, call the base education office at 830-298-5520. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Anne McCready)

LAUGHLIN AIR FROCE BASE, Texas—Masoud Rasti, Air Education and Training Command business relationship manager, traveled to Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas to provide a deeper understanding of how senior U.S. Air Force leaders are searching for ways they can streamline the Continuum of Learning concept, May 4, 2018.

According to Rasti, training is about how Airmen are developed, yet the bigger picture is about how training and education are integrated.

“Ultimately, the intent is to change how we present the training to the Airmen, and how empower the Airmen to ascertain the information,” Rasti said.

He went on to add it is the same as before, except focus is being shifted to understanding how individual Airmen absorb information, and how they go on to use the knowledge.

Lt. Gen. Steve Kwast, commander of AETC, discussed why it is so vital to prioritize learning and how Airmen learn.

“Our forefathers recognized what it takes to remain relevant: humility and the desire to learn. And, that’s what we do here in AETC,” Kwast said. “We teach the next generation of Airmen how to learn more rapidly than their adversaries. We teach them how to innovate more broadly across a series of networks to see more ideas. And, we teach them how to network and build trust with other human beings.”