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ORI Profile: IG lauds exercise physiologist

Laughlin AFB, Texas -- Mr. Bill Goins,
Exercise physiologist

With a thunderous applause from his fellow Team XL members, Bill Goins, wing exercise physiologist with the 47th Medical Group hobbled down the aisle of Anderson Hall's Auditorium to receive his coin from the Air Education and Training Command Inspector General.

The base's fitness level is always a top priority for him even when his own physical fitness is set back due to recent surgery he has had on his knee.

Mr. Goins was recognized as a big contributor towards Laughlin's excellent overall rating for various reasons that started months before the Inspector General even arrived.

"I can describe Mr. Goins in one word: Tenacity. The entire Wing has Mr. Goins' tenacity to thank for the fact that Laughlin is currently the only base in AETC that's 100 percent compliant in fitness testing currency. And that's just the icing on the cake!" said Col. Lawra A. Lee, 47th Medical Group commander, "Thanks to Mr. Goins we've maintained the number one spot in AETC for fitness currency for over a year. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have him on the MDG team and how fortunate the Wing is to have a person of his caliber as a member of Team XL."

The prevalence in the bases fitness program can be attributed to the special fitness programs designed by Mr. Goins, for specific groups of people in order to eliminate the need for personal trainers, and ultimately save the Air Force money.

As a former Division I center for Rice University, he has ran fitness centers in Hawaii and all over Asia, and fitness programs in Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.

Although Mr. Goins is honored to be coined by the I G team, he feels a lot of the credit should be addressed to the Physical Training Leaders for each unit.

"The P.T.L's for each unit do all the hard work, I just give them direction," said Mr. Goins. "If I could give them all the coin, I would."