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ORI Profile -- SARM awes inspectors

LAUGHLIN AFB, Texas -- Staff Sergeant Ivanna Baron,
NCOIC of 86th Flying Training Squadron Aviation Resource Management Section

The Air Education Training Command's Operational Readiness Inspection evaluators left Staff Sgt. Ivanna Baron's section shaking their head.
The inspectors had scrutinized mounds of paperwork involved with the unit's flying program and found it to be nearly error-free.
"There wasn't much he could find that was a 'No, we weren't doing that' and we had procedures in place for everything and we had our continuity in place and were sticking to everything," Sergeant Baron said.
Sergeant Baron downplays her and the section's contributions. "I think it was just a matter of getting all of our stuff together, made sure our continuity books were tight and all of our programs were solid," she said.
There are plenty of programs to judge. The SARM, as they're called, issues out all of the tail numbers, keeps medical clearances straight and ensures the unit's more than 200 student and instructor pilots are ready to fly paperwork wise, a huge undertaking in today's Air Force.
"We basically make sure they're medically and physically fit to fly," she said.
There's more to it than that, her group commander said.
"Every evaluator that has talked to her have always screamed her praises afterwards," said Col. David Petersen, 47th Operations Group commander. "She keeps the operations of the 86th FTS clicking on all cylinders every day."
Sergeant Baron said there was no place in the Air Force she'd rather be.
"I don't feel like anyone experiences the Air Force like we do," said Sergeant Baron. "We are side-by-side with the pilot, and we are right there and we see the mission every day. It's the best job in the Air Force for me."