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  • AETC vice speaks out about energy conservation

    One of the great things about the American people is their ability to rally and even sacrifice in a crisis. When it comes to energy conservation, there have been several notable periods in American history when the American people willingly incorporated small daily changes into their lives to preserve resources for the greater good. For instance
  • All parts working together to achieve success

    As the leader of any organization a top priority is to develop a team that delivers a dependable, high quality product in a timely manner. When looking at what it takes to build a great team or a successful organization, many analogies have been used such as championship sports teams, racecar pit crews and even the human body. The premise of all of
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- The solid foundation

    Our Air Force has more than 175,000 civilian employees spread across the globe. In fact, they make up more than 25 percent of our authorized Total Force end strength. The civilian force fills an ever-increasing role in daily mission accomplishment, especially as we've experienced personnel reductions over the past 20 years and, many would argue, no
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- A dynamic tradition

    Our Air Force has many traditions. Some we inherited from other services; others are more recent and will take time to fully develop. Traditions are positive things, deeply rooted in our heritage and pride. Traditions are things we don't easily give up.One of our traditions, however, isn't often recognized as "positive" and doesn't get the applause
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- A mentor's influence

    Mentors touch our lives and help shape us into the people that we are today. We value mentorship in the Air Force and both develop it in our subordinates while seeking it from our supervisors. I like to think that one cannot have enough mentors, nor can one mentor enough. I've had many through the years, but one sticks out above the rest. This
  • A tribute to Dr. King

    Airmen and Americans on Monday, January 18, 2010 will observe what would have been the 81st birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King's life was ended in1968. His work advancing peace, equality and resolutions without violence was stopped by a senseless violent act. One can only speculate on what he could have accomplished had he lived.
  • Team XL....Are you ready for UCI?

    We will undergo an Air Education and Training Command Inspector General Unit Compliance Inspection May 2-10. While six months may seem a long time away, the time to prepare is now. From our wing's most senior leadership, to our most junior Airmen--preparation efforts on the base are in progress now. The 47 FTW IG team offers the following thoughts
  • Don’t 'Bah! Humbug!': The importance of the past, present and future

     A visit by three spirits of leadership past, present and future yields an Ebenezer Scrooge like awakening that urges us to redeem ourselves for a more flourishing career. In the story A Christmas Carol, the ghost of Christmas past visits Scrooge illuminating a hind sight view of lessons to be learned to enhance and put matters into a favorable
  • Passion for Work? Absolutely!

    Air Force folks don't go to work each day to load airplanes, guard gates, give shots, produce reports or build widgets. We get up each morning to work long hours because we understand it's part of our life mission to serve each other and help meet the needs of a desperate world. I had an opportunity recently to visit a C-5 maintenance shop for an
  • Lorenz on Leadership - Cherish Your Spouse

    Just last week, while walking past the base chapel, I witnessed a scene that caused me to pause and reflect. I turned and watched as people, dressed in their Sunday best, flowed from the chapel doors, smiling and casually chatting. They slowly split into two lines, creating a path that led to a waiting limousine. The crowd stood and waited, fueling