Air Force releases FY24 Selective Retention Bonus list, updates to reenlistment policy

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  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The U.S. Air Force released the Fiscal Year 2024 Selective Retention Bonus list, effective Oct. 1. The FY24 SRB program consists of 73 Air Force Specialty Codes, and none were removed from last year’s program.

If an Airman’s AFSC is included in the FY24 list, they are eligible for a SRB. Since no FY23 SRB-eligible career fields were removed in the FY24 SRB offering, Airmen in career fields identified on the FY23 SRB list remain eligible to reenlist or extend and accept a bonus until Sept. 30.

The SRB program serves as a retention tool, targeting experienced enlisted personnel in critical career fields, particularly those with lower manning or retention rates. Additionally, specialties involving extensive initial skills training and stringent qualification requirements are considered. A bonus may be received either in partial payments or as a lump sum upfront. An update to policy now enables the maximum bonus allowable per zone to be up to $180,000, an increase of $80,000 over previous years, with a career cap set at $360,000.

Further details regarding the fiscal year 2024 SRB program can be found in the Air Force Selective Retention Bonus Listing available on myFSS, using the keyword "Selective Retention Bonus Program." General eligibility criteria for the Selective Retention Bonus are outlined in Department of the Air Force Instruction 36-2606, Reenlistment and Extension of Enlistment in the United States Air Force, specifically Chapters 3-6.

As stated, in accordance with DAFI 36-2606, paragraph 4.2, any reenlistment or extension made prior to April 4, 2023, cannot be annulled solely to qualify for the bonus.

Corresponding with the Air Force’s FY24 SRB announcement, the Department of the Air Force also announced an update to DAFI 36-2606. The update gives Airmen greater flexibility in determining when they decide to reenlist, provides greater options while reenlisting and expands SRB eligibility to more Airmen.

Airmen are now allowed to reenlist up to 12 months before their expiration term of service giving them more time to decide to reenlist. The change also opens the pool of those eligible to receive selective retention bonuses while maximizing the amount they receive.

Additionally, the department updated its obligated service cap from 72 months to 96 months. The change not only allows Airmen to maximize the amount received from eligible retention bonuses, but also allows Airmen in any AFSC flexibility in their reenlistment contract.

For additional information on the FY24 SRB list, contact a local Military Personnel Flight, Career Development section.