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  • April Family Advocacy Classes

    The 47th Medical Group is offering free family advocacy classes for Laughlin Air Force Base personnel throughout the month of April.
  • 47th MDG partners with VVRMC

    Laughlin Air Force Base's 47th Medical Group partnered with Del Rio's Val Verde Regional Medical Clinic to improve healthcare for both Laughlin and Del Rio communities.
  • Laughlin women speak at seminar

    Women from Laughlin Air Force Base and Del Rio, Texas, speak at a women's seminar at the Del Rio Civic Center in Del Rio, Texas.
  • Laughlin DASR repaired

    Laughlin's Digital Airport Surveillance Radar antennas were replaced after they sustained damaged during a hail storm in February.
  • Motivating the AF’s future

    Instructor pilots from Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, visited the United States Air Force Academy to improve their skills and speak to cadets.
  • The AFAF provides support

    The Air Force Assistance Fund has started at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, and will go on until April 8 in attempt to reach Laughlin's goal of $31,758.
  • Laughlin Education Center wins CCAF Award

    Laughlin's Education Center has recently been recognized by the Community College of the Air Force for their accomplishments in the Air Forces mission of education.
  • Distracted driving kills

    In the attempt to combat the growing epidemic of distracted driving, the Air Education and Training Command safety office is encouraging all commanders to challenge their Airmen to go three weeks avoiding all distractions while driving.
  • Force of the future: Family benefit initiatives

    Changes are being made to improve quality of life for Air Force families.
  • March Family Advocacy Classes

    The 47th Medical Group is offering a series of free family advocacy classes open to all base personnel, ranging in topics from baby care to stress management classes, throughout the month of March.