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Laughlin AFB
  • Laughlin announces UAS guidance

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems are being detected in and around Laughlin Air Force Base and leadership wants to ensure everyone receives the latest regulation for operating these devices. To ensure flying safety remains paramount in the airspace around Del Rio, Laughlin, and Laughlin Auxiliary Field, located near Spofford, Texas, Laughlin officials are asking all UAS, also called drones, operators to become knowledgeable and practice good general operating rules required to fly a UAS in the National Airspace System.
  • Cyber awareness week informs, educates

    With the domination of online platforms like social media, mobile banking, and targeted advertisements, a person’s cyber footprint is much larger than one might think. During the week of Oct. 23, Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas’ Airmen and base personnel had an opportunity to further their education and awareness of their personal and business online presence.
  • Laughlin ‘fire dogs’ focus on fire prevention

    Laughlin firefighters made their rounds on base during Fire Prevention Week, Oct 9 –13, 2017, at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas. This year’s theme for fire prevention week was “Two Ways Out,” and Team XL firefighters along with Sparky reminded people of the importance of situational awareness by touring the base, visiting facilities to spread the message and giving out literature on the subject.
  • Federal agencies donate food at Feds Feed Families annual donation event

    Laughlin joined forces with other federal agencies as part of Feds Feed Families donated and unloaded 6,100 pounds of food, Oct. 11, to Val Verde Loaves and Fishes, a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization in Del Rio, Texas, who provides food for those in need.
  • Laughlin links medics with pilots in training

    Throughout the past year, the 47th Medical Group experimented with connecting medics with pilots going through a rigorous 52-week undergraduate training program to streamline medical care and minimize lost training time.
  • Laughlin dental creates bright smiles

    With the mission of tending to Laughlin’s permanent party Airmen and the constant processing of incoming pilots to the wing’s training program, the 47th Medical Operations Squadron dental flight has a tall order to fill.
  • The 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing reunites at Laughlin

    Members of the 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing and their spouses returned to Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, Sept. 22, 2017; the base they were assigned to when the Cuban Missile Crisis was at its height during the 1960s.
  • Laughlin natural resources tackle environmental issues

    This is the first in a four part series about the 47th Civil Engineer Squadron’s natural resources department tackling Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas’ environmental and preservation challenges.
  • Base exercises keep Laughlin Airmen prepared for potential mishap

    “Murphy’s Law” is an old adage that suggests if there’s an opportunity for something to go wrong it can, and it will – and the Air Force is not immune.
  • Recycling at Laughlin preserves the environment, saves money

    Before the mid-90s, the only means of recycling on Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, was through delivering their recyclables to the neighboring city of Del Rio. This not only lead to recyclables being thrown into general trash, but landfills were filled to the brim.