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  • Laughlin modernizes by upgrades flightline lighting

    The day a pilot takes to the skies for the first time is a milestone like no other. Abuzz with excitement and numerous things to remember, one aspect of Laughlin’s flightline may be taken for granted – airfield lighting.

  • Laughlin's aerospace physiology: the team before the flight

    Capable of flying at high speeds and altitudes, pilots perform one of the most exciting and dangerous jobs the military has to offer. Flying like this is no easy task, and requires special equipment and techniques to do it successfully. But what happens when that equipment becomes faulty and a

  • Laughlin begins groundbreaking at the Ricks Hall dormitory

    Team XL is always looking to improve aspects of the base to help support the mission and better the lives of the members who live and work here -- whether on the flight line, the front gate, or the places Airmen live.On Mar. 6, 2023, Laughlin held a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate the

  • Laughlin graduates first female Lebanese fighter pilot

    Laughlin graduated the first female Lebanese fighter pilot from its undergraduate pilot training program Feb. 3, 2023. Lebanese Air Force 2nd Lt. Jana Sader finished her training and will return home to fly the A-29 Super Tucano, a light attack aircraft.The U.S. Air Force and Air Education and

  • Laughlin’s grow your own program: helping shape the future of Team XL

    As many people may remember, in high school, students take core classes and some electives they found interesting. These interests introduce students to new passions and career fields in life. Del Rio High School is expanding on that concept. Joe Frank Ramirez, a former Air Force maintenance worker

  • Working with our Air Force’s Four-Legged Defenders

    Military Working Dogs (MWD) provide a variety of services, including the detection of explosives and drug searches, tracking of personnel and suspects, patrol of restricted areas, and protection of military installations. Keeping these dogs' skills strong and honed is essential – this is where MWD

  • Laughlin welcomes Alex Wagner

    On Jan. 27, Laughlin Air Force Base welcomed Alex Wagner to tour the base. Laughlin AFB has approximately 2,780 members, working together to graduate over 300 pilots a year.The base leaders showcased the wing’s mission, addressed manning, and discussed food-related initiatives to help improve the